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My name is Wiola Malota. I am the intercultural trainer and Coach.wm

Traveling has been my passion since ever. When being in another country I am interested in people, their customs, world’ and life’ view, and the way of living.  Being at new place I look for what is extraordinary in people, landscape, architecture, cuisine, music. Some people when travelling are spotting what is different from they know and like, other are looking for similarities. My approach for knowing a new place, new culture is not judging, not compering, just understanding the behaviour, and motivation of people.

During Postgraduate studies at Warsaw University at Faculty of Culture of Developing Countries I have acquired knowledge about cultural diversity, many study tours to Asia countries, gave me the insight and deeper understanding of other cultures.

My favourite destination is Asia with India for weddic wisdom and yoga, China, Thailand and other South–East Asia countries. I have also travelled to Mexico, USA, Kenya, Israel, Australia and most of European countries.

Every journey is for me new the source of enchantment, and a lesson for deepening the understanding of different cultures.

Now is the time for me to serve – while sharing my knowledge public on Blog and supporting the clients with workshops, Coaching and Consultancy session.

I hope that my service will help to obtain better communication and understanding across cultures, which is a factor of establishing the peace in the world.

I wish you a nice reading and insight!

                Wiola Malota