Date:  21stof November 2017, 10.00 – 17.00

Where: Warsaw

Fee: 1000 pln + 23 % VAT (including workshops materials, lunch and coffee breaks)

Trainer: dr Wioletta Malota

Language: English



Polish pattern of thinking and behaviour is described as dual, what means that Poles can easily switch from one kind of behaviour to another one – very often opposite, in a while.  A lack of knowledge of Polish pattern of thinking and behaving may be especially confusing and misleading in negotiation, as knowing a counterpart’s negotiation style   is a precondition of a success or a failure.


During the workshop you will learn Polish behavioural patterns of negotiation in following aspects:

risk taking, mode of disagreeing, building trust, direct or indirect communication and many other aspects of cultural orientations.

Cultural profile of countries represented by the workshop’s participants will be discussed as well.


What you will take away? 

  • As the results of a workshop you will be aware of differences and similarities between Polish and own culture’s negotiation style and you will get a clue how to navigate in negotiation with Poles.
  • You will take the graph presenting comparison in negotiation style between Polish and your country’s negotiation style.
  • Added value will be an opportunity to learn in intercultural environment and exchange opinion of your experience regarding Polish negotiation style.


The trainer – dr Wiola Malota, experienced manager working for many years in global corporations in multicultural environment, intercultural consultant and Coach will share her business expertise and experience as well.


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