When I have got a mentoring assignment in Belgrade I was wondering how Belgrade is looking now, as I was there 20 years ago. At that time Poland was a communist country, and former Yugoslavia was for Poles a window for western world. So has seemed to me Belgrade. And how is it now?

I find some artefacts typical for socialist countries – trolleybuses produced in Hungary, which were also present in Warsaw.

I have walked and was looking for something to connect. And wow- I looked in the sky and have spotted amazing ceiling.

When I visit a place I try to connect with it, finding something specific, amazing, extraordinary. It can be architecture, music, nature, people or just atmosphere on the street. In Belgrade I have found beautiful old building in art deco style.

Belgrade has number of beautiful buildings, see below.

Another connection I have felt when visiting in the evening the Frida restaurant.

Delicious food, energetic music, and amazing decoration- especially in the bathroom. All below photos were taken in the bathroom.

An last but not least – hotel were I stayed – hotel Moscow, with its ceilings, art. Deco windows and floor decoration in ancient style.

Wonderful!  Enjoy!