Island Gran Canaria belongs to the Canarian Islands, being a 3rd regarding the surface. In 2013 was acclaimed to be the best holiday destination in Europe. It is regarded to enjoy all benefits of African climate  (sun and low number of rain) and nature (green all-over a year, with potato crops 4 times a year, cherries 2 times) and European order and way of living.

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Harmony of nature and way of living

First what I has been stacked by on Gran Canaria is the harmony in the open space and in the cities. I had to dig in my perception what makes me feel so good in any city or town. What I have founded is the mixture of colours – yellow, sand-yellow,green and blue and a lack of billboards and adverts in the cities, as well a low number of banks and discount shops in the cities. Instead my eyes have caught numbers of sculpture not only in the city space, but along the roads, beautiful every rondo on the streets decorated with ceramique tiles. And amazing landscape formulated by colourful building, mountains and trees.

Coast line and beaches

w4View from the beach on the Playa de Ingles

There are many famous beaches on Gran Canaria. The most beautiful is the beach with the Maspalomas dunes in Playa de Ingles (called to honour Englishmen discovering the island for recreation aims), a nice beach in Playa de Mogan (with picturesque marina)


The city architecture and landscape shaped by nature are amazing and exceptional.

I liked different architectural styles, what I admire isa harmony, even in a small decoration.
Sculpture on the road from Playa de Isla to Las Palmas



Cultivation of tradition and regional cultural awareness

What I really admire is a sense of regional pride and cultural awareness. You can sense it when visiting the Museum of tomato feel this in such small details as information about toilets (on which are presented traditional Canarian dress)



I admire Gran Canaria for a wisdom to develop the tourism industry not damaging the landscape and also developing agricultural industry – highlighted their local specialities – sweet bananas, tomatoes, rum (ronmiel and others).I like the idea of using the wind power – 80 % of the electricity demand is covered by wind power. The Canarians are joking that they would like to build more windmills, but this could cause that the island will start drawing.


Even the field of agricultural plants are creating a landscape integrated with natural ones.


I like international and still local character of the island.  Animator at the resorts are communicating with you in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can find a masseur from Estonia, men from Georgia inviting you for disco; you can fill internationalism in its best way. On the trip in the mountains in a tourist group you can find people from England, Sweden, Germany and Netherlands with guide speaking in 4 languages. But still you can feel local and that your are on Canarian Island – with Canarian flags everywhere, a lot of Spanish music and Canarian food.

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