ccOn 28th o f March University Collegium Civitas has organised International Career Day. The event was organised by international students, studying at Collegium Civitas.

One of the events in the program was the panel discussion “How to do it in Poland? Expectations and reality” with foreigners living in Poland who shared their stories about “How to do it in Poland” and recommendations for international students what they need to have or to do in order to start career in Poland.  cc1I was invited to be a panel discussion chairman. It was amazing to hear the answers to a question raised at the beginning of the discussion “Is Poland open to foreigners who want to work in the country?”   All of foreign panel particpants –  from Italy, Japan, Maroko, Kenya, Switzerland  and  Turkey – shared positive opinions about opportunities Poland offers. An Italian enterprenuer has even told the Poland from “grey country, has tourned out to be great country to live in”.  All recommend to have  a long strategy for its career and life in Poland, to enjoy ups and downs, to treat them as a part of life. They underline an importence of building social network , as it works in Poland.

cc2Me as a panel chairmam was happy to facilitae such appreciative discussion about Poland, as it really confirms, we are not part of Europe but also global community.