Brussels, the 6th October 2012

How to build united Europe? 

Umberto Eco has told: ‘It’s culture, not war, that cements European identity’ and has added ‘The Erasmus idea should be compulsory – not just for students, but also for taxi – drivers, plumbers and other workers’. Polish students constitute the biggest group (about 100 000) of the beneficiaries of the Erasmus project. There were rumours that next year less money for the project – due to the shortcut of European fund –will be granted, but it has turned out not to be true.

Travelling and studying in another country is the best way to get acquainted with another culture, to lift biases and to develop the intercultural intelligence.

Traveling is also source for inspiration – like the last regulation for Belgian citizens – imposing a fine for using swearwords. Due to my Belgian friend such regulation was explained by the authority as desire to keep the language clean and communication on proper level.  I welcome such ideas!

My visit to Brussels for Day of Change organised by Centre for Creative Leadership – in

European office has brought not only newest ideas on leadership development and new methods and approached to leadership training but also nice pictures from the Brussels park, where the national symbols are exhibited. I like the idea to be proud of Belgians chips with mayo, chocolate, Brussels sprouts, beer and moules.

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