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Crossculturemanagement helps people and organisations working in multicultural environmentto gain intercultural skills that result in building effective teams and better cooperation with international clients.

We work globally – face-to-face and on-line.
We speak Polish, English and German.

LeadingTrainer/ Mentor: dr Wioletta Malota

Korea Południowa

Wioletta Małota

To understand the roots of Korean economic wonder you should know the soul, mind and values of Koreans. The author of the book does it in very comprehensiveway whenpresenting real life examples as well the scientificresearch on Koreans. The narration is illustrated by photos in the book that makes reading even more pleasurable. The reader may find extra photos on the webpage of the Publisher www.difin.pl on file Materiały.

The book is a must for every person working with Koreans, it is a intellectual guide to the modern Korea and its society for conscious travellers and people interested in the world and its development.

 Read more – the content, introduction and conclusion

What we do

When designing and delivering our offer
we are applying our expertise in 4 areas:


Knowledge and experience in Intercultural communication and different business cultures

Global Leadership experience

Development program based on behavioural profile tool PRISM

Coaching and Mentoring skills

We offer

Intercultural Training & Mentoring for managers

Training for multiculturalteams

Lecture on different business cultures

Tailored made on-line courses on Intercultural competenices


Global Leadership Coaching

Keynote speeches on Intercultural subjects

Why we are different

On this page you will find the opinions of foreigners living in Poland about Poland.
I invite you to send to me your reflection that you would like to share on the page.
You will than give the input in understanding the country and building acceptance of Poles.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

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PARKS AND NATURE When choosing a travel destination itis important for me to be in a place, which combines two aspects; beautiful nature and outstanding architecture, and society which is interesting to be observed and to immersed in it for different reasons. I like...

South Korea. Economy. Society. K-culture by Wioletta Małota

South Korea. Economy. Society. K-culture by Wioletta Małota

Content Contemporary Korea Economic development The miracle on the Han river Democratisation of Korea and first world opening in years 1987-1997 Asian financial crisis of 1997 Global Korea in XXI century Building of positive image  – political and public diplomacy...

Fountains in Roma

Fountains in Roma

One of often-cited intercultural proverbs is „Being in Rome, do as Romans do”. I transform it into a sentence „Doing business with Romans, know (also) their city”. In process of learning la Roma I enjoyed places connected with 4 elements –air, earth, fire and...

Doing business with Italians – How to be well prepared?

Doing business with Italians – How to be well prepared?

Italians are warm people and open for others. They like and know how to enjoy life in every aspect. They also appreciate when other people share their approach to beauty, art and life philosophy. From a person working or doing business with Italians, nobody expects to...

Workshop “Decoding Polish negotiation style”

Workshop “Decoding Polish negotiation style”

Date:  21stof November 2017, 10.00 - 17.00 Where: Warsaw Fee: 1000 pln + 23 % VAT (including workshops materials, lunch and coffee breaks) Trainer: dr Wioletta Malota Language: English   Program: Polish pattern of thinking and behaviour is described as dual, what...

Is it easy to negotiate or work with Poles?

Is it easy to negotiate or work with Poles?

Polish behavioural style as a carousel – once still and another time very dynamic   The question is not easy to answer as… Poland is situated geographically between Berlin and Moscow, and mentally between West and East. Our geopolitical location has always...

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