Korea Południowa

Wioletta Małota

To understand the roots of Korean economic wonder you should know the soul, mind and values of Koreans. The author of the book does it in very comprehensiveway whenpresenting real life examples as well the scientificresearch on Koreans. The narration is illustrated by photos in the book that makes reading even more pleasurable. The reader may find extra photos on the webpage of the Publisher on file Materiały.

The book is a must for every person working with Koreans, it is a intellectual guide to the modern Korea and its society for conscious travellers and people interested in the world and its development. 

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Fountains in Roma

Fountains in Roma

One of often-cited intercultural proverbs is „Being in Rome, do as Romans do”. I transform it into a sentence „Doing business with Romans, know (also) their city”. In process of learning la Roma I enjoyed places connected with 4 elements –air, earth, fire and...

World Coaching Congress

Warsaw, the 29 October 2012 Wiola Malota was invited as keynote speaker at World Coaching Congress, which will be held on the 16th of February 2013 in Mumbai, India. She will have there the presentation on competencies that are required from the Executive coaches when...

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