Italians are warm people and open for others. They like and know how to enjoy life in every aspect. They also appreciate when other people share their approach to beauty, art and life philosophy. From a person working or doing business with Italians, nobody expects to change ones values or character to adjust to an interlocutor, but knowing how an Italian is thinking, what s/he is valuing and what are preferred subject of conversation, is a must, especially in Italy, a society which is based on relationship.

Know the Italian mindsest – LA BELLEZZA (Beauty)

As in Italy is 80% of all UNESCO Cultural Heritage of the world, no wonder that Italy is surrounded by beautiful sites, buildings and landscapes. Italians are proud of them and they appreciate their bellezza. When reading the articles of cultural or societal events, the word bellezza pops up many times. I have never found so often this word outside Italy. So when doing business with Italians is worth to know the biggest Italians painters, sculptures or architects, as they belong not only to Italian cultural heritage but as well to world heritage. The Italians will appreciate your knowledge about art, will admire you and will eagerly talk about the subject with you – and this is the best way to build relations. Below some examples of bellezza in Italian life.

We cultivate the beauty” the billboard announces at the park Parco di Capodimonte in Naples

The wall inside observation room at Castel Saint Elmo in Naples – covered with beautiful mosaic. The castle was built in XIII century. The mosaic has no pragmatic application is just for aesthetic reason

In front of the funiculare station in Naples – street art.

Tourist information presented in artistic way.Amalfi, the Amalfian coast.

Toledo station in Naples’ underground. Many stations are site of art exhibition.

A statue of a young beauty man (home at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples) as pop-art at the exhibition “Street home” at the Castel dell’Ovo in Naples)

Know the Italian mindsestMUSIC – CUCINA – PLACESS TO SEE

There are many subjects you can talks with Italians to show off the knowledge of rich Italian culture – you can discuss about music – from opera to pop, you can talks about Italian favourite subject – eating (cucina): good Italian food and last but not least you can discuss on beautiful places in Italy worth to visit. The more you know about Italy, the best impression you exercise on your counterpart.

The new artistic offer – actors’ performance, dance, show presenting the history of creation of the paintings of the Sistine Chapel


Do you know that Italy is preferred tourist destination in Europe? This is year (2018) – due to the statistical data is the best year for Italy regarding visits of foreigners’ tourists. In a world competition for “Best Island in the World”, Sicily took the 3 positions after Mauritius (1) and Greece Island (2). So the people appreciate in Sicily (and indirectly Italy, as the island is a part of the country) its values that were assessed in the competition. The Italians do not travel abroad so much as they prefer own country, for its bellezza.

The Amalfi coast with a walking path called “God path”.

Know the Italian mindsest – ITALIAN WAY OF LIVING and business approach

Dolce far niente Slow life, slow cities Relationship I trust a person who I know Sometimes dolce far niente (sweet doing nothing, relaxing) is misinterpreting as being slow or lazy. But this has a different meaning – ability to relax and to enjoy life in a free time. In Italy the movement of slow life, slow food and slow cities was born. This is to appreciate life and to give human proportion for working and social life. No wonder as Italy belongs to relationship cultures, which means in business that before you do a deal you should learn your partner and gain its trust. This is possible when socializing – easting together, discussing – possible the Italian bellezza. My last case has confirmed that – a meeting in Rome and drinking together coffee – 1,5 hour experience, which was not a waste of time, on the contrary, was more worth than 1000 words in emails. Know this way of doing business – it takes time, but is pleasant and in the end most efficient.

Coffee drinking at the Galleria Emmanuelle II in Naples

Know the Italian mindsest – TIME PERCEPTION

Time is for me – and Italians takes time for meeting, a conversation, walk or rest. Even when you live in a hurry mode (Polish society does), be aware of the fact that making pressure on business partner from Italy, to make quickly a deal – what is welcomed in e.g. USA, is not welcomed in Italy. On the contrary you may appear, as a person who cannot hold its emotion, is impatient, maybe not reliable?

Dr Wioletta Malota

Wiola loves traveling and discovering different cultures – different mindset and behaviors. After writing a book on Korean society “South Korea. Economy. Society. K—culture”  she is now writing a book on Italian society.