Wioletta Małota is educated in international Management (MA), holds her PhD in Organizational Behaviour (Akademia Leona Kożminskiego in Warsaw). She graduated from Postgraduate Studies in Intercultural Communication at Warsaw University, received further professional training in Intercultural Communication at LTS in Bath, UK.

She is an Intercultural Trainer and Consultant, Leadership Coach and Mentor. Expert in areas of organizational culture, intercultural management, leadership and mentoring.

In her work she applies knowledge and experience from all 4 areas, supporting the executives and organisations in management in culturally diversified organisations. As manager and consultant she integrates her managerial experience with scientific knowledge into a scientific – practitioner approach. She disseminates knowledge in various practitioner fora and at international conferences. Author of a book “How from a manager become a leader. Handbook for manager and coaches” (in Polish)

Wioletta Malota offers intercultural and Leadership/ transformation coaching. She is a valued partner for individuals who are challenged with a job in culturally diverse environment.  In her work she combines her long experience as a manager working in global corporations and experience as intercultural and organizational consultant.

As consultant of psychometric tool PRISM BRAIN MAPPING she gives feedback based of personal report of preferred behavior on personal profiling.

Her expertise in a management, intercultural and human behavior allows Wiola deep understanding and insight in the complexities of crossculturemanagement and career development.

She supports individual clients and whole organizations in navigating change in the context of challenging international business environment.

Wiola coaches managers and mid-career professionals working in large international companies. She coaches face-to-face and virtually, working globally.

As interculturalist she has extensively traveled all over the world. (see her posts)

She specializes in Anglo-Saxon, European (German, French, Scandinavian, Italian and Slavic cultures) and in Asian cultures.

As a systemic thinking person, in her work she integrates knowledge of Western cultures with wisdom of Eastern cultures into easy applicable practices as well the newest knowledge and techniques of neuroscience.

She is a Faculty member of the Collegium Civitas University (Warsaw, Poland) teaching organizational behaviour, management and global leadership.



Wiola is globally recognized speaker at intercultural/ management and coaching conferences. For her contribution to global leadership she was awarded with „Global Coaching Leadership Award” by World Coaching Congress, Mumbai, India, 2014.



  • Lecture “Poland and Ukraine – commonalities and differences in management and working culture”, at scientific conference “Intercultural management – ethics, culture and economy” at Collegium Ignatianum, Cracow, (January)
  • Workshop on “Polish negotiation style – how to cope with duality?” Festival of Polish Science, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, (September)
  • Lecture “Differences of Polish and Ukrainian management and working style” at XI Intercultural Management Congress, Warsaw, University of Social Sciences, (Społeczna Akademia Nauk) (September)


  • Lecture “Commonalities and differences between Poland and China in organizational behavior”, at SIETAR POLAND congress “Intercultural competence – a key to globalized world”, Wroclaw, (November)
  • Workshop “Ukraine a close neighbor” at SIETAR POLAND congress “Intercultural competence – a key to globalized world”, Wroclaw, (November)
  • Workshop on “Competences of global leader”, Festival of Polish Science, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, (November)


  • Lecture on “Chinese and Polish organizational cultures – what they have in common and how they differ?” at 2nd Academic Conference on China-Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Cross-cultural Dialogue, Education and Business organized by Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Key theme of the conference: 
”Societies, markets and cultures in transition, Cracow, (24-26 September)


  • Workshop on “Success factors of Leadership mentoring in organization on hand of her research Coaching and Mentoring at the Conference „Raising the Bar” organized by European Mentoring & Coaching Council, at Venice, Italy (20-22 of November)
  • Workshop on „Building business relation between Germany and Poland. Intercultural communication” at III International Conference „Intercultural competences a key to effective international and trans boarder cooperation”, Stettin, (June)
  • Lecture “Between local embedness and Global Challenges, Expats in Poland – what should they know about Polish management culture to be effective leaders? at International SIETAR Conference “New Era of Expat”, Warsaw 24-24 of October.
  • Lecture on „Expats in Poland. Between local embeddness and Global Challenges” at congress „New Era of Expats?” Warsaw, (October)


  • Visiting Professor at the School of English Language, Literature and Culture at Beijing International Studies University (2013), providing workshop on intercultural communication
  • Lecture “Global leadership competencies” at the World Coaching Congress in Mumbai, India (February)
  • Lecture “Reverse mentoring – as a social exchange tool and catalyst” at The Forum„Management in XXI century” organized by School of Management University of South, Adelaide, Australia (November)
  • Lecture “Did the way to cope with economic crises in 2007 depend on cultural orientation?” at SIETAR POLSKA congress “Mobility, Migration, Cross-culture”, Warsaw, (October)